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Jeannie H. Kim Law Firm is dedicated to achieve the best outcome for every client.
About Attorney Kim

Attorney Jeannie H. Kim earned her B.A. Degree from the University of California, Irvine in Social Ecology and obtained her J.D. Degree from Western State University in 1995, and joined a large defense firm in Orange County where she worked for ten successful years. Attorney Kim had her first jury trial in November of 2006 where she prevailed and completing numerous Jury Trials thereafter with a 98% success ratio. In 2006, Attorney Kim founded Jeannie H. Kim Law Firm after realizing that by starting her own practice she would be able to reach and help more people on a variety of legal issues. Since then, Attorney Kim has represented numerous corporate and individual clients as Jeannie H. Kim Law Firm specializes in Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, Elder Law (Medi-Cal long term planning and conservatorships), Special Needs Trust and Limited Conservatorships for Developmentally Disabled, SSDI, Family Law, Corporations/Business/Contract Law, and Personal Injuries as well. Witnessing the ability to assist clients in these areas, clients at JHK Law Firm fully realized her passion for helping people at all levels of planning, protections, and litigation.

Attorney Kim is an active member of California Bar Association, Family Law and Special Needs Trust section member, and With Orange County Bar Association, she is an active member of Trust and Estate and Elder Law. For Social Security Law Section, She has once again is serving as a Chair for the third term. Attorney Kim has been qualified as Fee Arbitrator for the Orange County Bar Association for tenth year.

In midst of her busy schedule, Attorney Kim has written numerous legal articles as a regular columnist for the Korean Daily News and the Korea Times, the two major newspapers in the Korean American community. Attorney Kim has given numerous seminars inclusive of one given to attorneys for their continuing education where they earned MCLE credits, to the City of Brea and the City of Buena Park, as well as for people in the Korean community.

Attorney Kim strives to bring the best result for individual client recognizing the individual legal issues and advocating on their behalf invariably.

About the Law Firm

Our team of dedicated legal professionals is well-versed in many specialized areas, such as estate planning with a focus on elder law and disabled. Our team brings a diverse background to the table, allowing us to practice and represent many areas of law. This gives Jeannie H. Kim Law Firm an edge when dealing with complex legal matters that usually require more than one area of expertise—without having to hire a multitude of attorneys. Our firm can provide you the comprehensive legal support to meet your needs.

Together We Can Protect Your Future & Secure Your Finance.

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